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Skylar Tibbs, a freshman psychology major, attended her Montana history class Oct. 7 from the top of a set of stairs at the entrance of the basement lecture hall, right inside the door. Her pr… Read moreBiased Architecture

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One of the most controversial topics known to man is “what qualifies as a Christmas movie?” It’s a matter of personal philosophy that separates the true believers from the scrooges. Some films take place during or around Christmas, some have an overarching theme of Christmas spirit and some … Read moreForgotten festive flicks

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The Griz have somehow made playoffs, and that means an extended season for the real athletes of campus: The Grizzly Marching Band. It’s a non-stop party on their side of the stadium, and even when the football team is getting crunched, thunked and concussed, you can count on the band to be b… Read moreBand-o-scope

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The University of Montana is misleading incoming students by saying it has an inclusive campus when there are many barriers keeping students with disabilities from moving freely on it.