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A Montana University System COVID-19 vaccine mandate appears unlikely for now after the Board of Regents met Wednesday, despite multiple calls to implement a mandate from students, faculty and staff organizations. Read more

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The first hearing in a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood against the state of Montana is set to begin Sept. 23 in Yellowstone District Court. The suit, filed on Aug. 16, asks for the delay of House Bills 136, 140, and 171, which all limit access to abortion care and would go into effect Oct. 1.  Read more

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As the legal fight over House Bill 102 and other bills escalated last spring, the student government at one of Montana’s two largest universities joined in, while the other remained an observer to the ongoing battle.  Read more

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While walking down the oak-lined streets of University Avenue, Tiffany McFarland pointed to houses that once held fraternities and sororities at the University of Montana. Read more

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Austin Amestoy: From the Montana Kaimin, University of Montana's independent, student-run newspaper, this is the Kaimin Cast for the week of Sept. 13. I'm Austin Amestoy. Read more

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For UM administration and the Montana University System, the issue of guns on campus has become more than a theoretical debate. House Bill 102, one of the most unrestrictive gun laws in the country, passed in the Montana legislature this spring. Read more

Sup fuckers. Let’s be frank — college is stressful, and sometimes letting loose and drinking can be fun. But what to drink??? There are so many options and we know you need our help. There is no ​other way — but of course we obliged. What party drink are you? Let’s find out.  Read more

Growing up on the Chicago Southside had its ups and downs. The pizza was pretty good, but the Mary Jane was too expensive. I never ran out of things to do, but I had to live in constant fear of being gutted by a man from the mirror. That’s just life in the city. Read more

The Bard of Ovan hath returned not to the park but UM’s Oval for Montana Shakespeare in the Park’s last two plays of its 49th season. Crowds gathered on campus with lawn chairs, blankets and full glasses of wine to watch Shakespearan tragedy, romance and a man wearing a makeshift donkey mask… Read more

Last week, UM’s faculty senate and student government passed resolutions calling for the University and the Board of Regents to enforce stricter masking requirements and a vaccination mandate. Though the resolutions don’t actually change any legislation at UM, they speak to the overall feeli…

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Last spring, the 67th Montana legislature passed House Bill 102 — legislation that would allow students to carry firearms on campus, openly or concealed, without a permit. In May, the Board of Regents sued the state, claiming the legislature overstepped its bounds by trying to control the un…