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It’s a new semester, but students are having the same old problems with parking on campus. And even though few things look different for students scrambling for spots every morning, the University of Montana’s parking director Bill Donovan, who started last fall, has plans for improvements f… Read moreMajor parking changes to wait until summer, students mixed on ‘golden parking ticket’

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Many know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a powerful civil rights activist and leader, but few understand his childhood and path to leadership. That’s why Lerone Martin visited the University of Montana last Thursday — to explain the ideas that shaped King’s work and put the power of change b… Read moreLerone Martin: Putting Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy in our own hands

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Runyon Matthews dreamed of going to college and becoming a teacher ever since he was little. At 19 years old, he’s majoring in English education and has become the first person on his dad’s si… Read moreBridging the gap

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After a long day of parking-driven headaches and school-induced stress, we all need a little comfort. You could make some food that reminds you of home or take a long bath, but the true American comfort is turning your brain off and binging reality TV for hours on end. But do you ever wonder… Read moreTV Escape-O-Scope

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Maisie Gospodarek, a University of Montana graduate and co-founder of MissCast Productions, first came up with the idea for a musical show about love, grief and relationships after breaking up with a longtime partner. Two years later and Gospodarek is directing “I Think We Should Break Up,” … Read more‘I Think We Should Break Up’ shows the other side of Valentines Day

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Last week, the state legislature tabled House Bill 233. That bill aimed to require refunds at rental application fees for applicants that didn’t get the apartment. 

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It sometimes feels like we are all living at “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” here at the University of Montana. The chocolate, of course, is that sweet satisfaction of getting a parking spot on campus, which most of us already pay for.

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The governor’s order to ban TikTok on Montana campuses has a sense of paranoia. If the state is so afraid of students and staff getting spied on, then maybe it should look at other apps that students use that are tracking our data.