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Between lawsuits against University of Montana administration, the implosion of the law school and a professor resigning over his controversial blog, Title IX has been the talk of the campus this semester. But the actual process of what happens with a report or a complaint isn’t common knowl… Read more

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The Furnace, Oct. 9. — Jake Howell stands before a crowd of dozens of Missoula music fans, singing a song he wrote, “Saturdays when I forget…” Behind him is the band, four men he trusts with h… Read more

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Snow sprayed under the feet of rapidly skating players as the University of Montana’s hockey team took to the ice in front of 1,300 screaming fans. Party lights beamed around the rink, beanies… Read more

More than one hundred years ago, the University of Montana dedicated 29 trees to its students who died during WWI. While some died in combat, the vast majority actually came down with the 1918 Spanish flu — most of the cases being at Fort Missoula. Hundreds of people died in Missoula from th…

In a tumultuous semester that’s seen lawsuits against President Seth Bodnar, a breakdown in law school leadership and a tenured computer science professor’s resignation after his controversial blog got put on blast, the potential of ESPN’s flagship college football show “College Gameday” com…