Zootown Cabaret to present queer narratives through two nights of music
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The Zootown Cabaret, the University of Montana’s performing ensemble in the musical theatre department, will be hosting two nights of loud, proud and powerful music to highlight Queer narratives and composers in its upcoming show “Queer Cabaret.” Read moreZootown Cabaret to present queer narratives through two nights of music

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It takes a good movie to know a bad movie, so thankfully there were plenty of both in 2022. It takes a “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” or a “Hocus Pocus 2” to truly appreciate  “Mad God” or “The Menu.” Last year’s movie quality can be summarized through both “Pinocchio” movies:…

Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon” is a grandiose mess of disgustingly raunchy, chaotic nonsense twisted into a hot, steaming pile of video vomit, but it’s not bad.

Three years ago, Emily Ruskovich won the International Dublin Literary Award for her debut novel, “Idaho.” The award goes to just one book written or translated into English. Now, she is guiding students at the University of Montana. 

Groups of children jumped up and down, shouting “Peppa” in unison as they waited in anticipation to see the famous cartoon British pig take center stage. Their impatient calls were soon answered as some college students’ nightmares emerged: giant, life-size pigs and their faceless puppeteers. 

One of the most controversial topics known to man is “what qualifies as a Christmas movie?” It’s a matter of personal philosophy that separates the true believers from the scrooges. Some films take place during or around Christmas, some have an overarching theme of Christmas spirit and some …

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In 1989, a group of well-established female artists based in Missoula met in a private studio to draw the female figure. Around 33 years later, the select group of artists who make up the Pattee Canyon Ladies Salon have become the oldest active group of female artists in the state of Montana…

Of all the thoughtless gifts you didn’t ask for, but will receive for Christmas this year, “A Christmas Story Christmas” is the lousiest. From the mastermind behind “The Angry Birds Movie,” comes a poorly packaged, cheap knockoff of a sequel 40 years out of style. 

Since the discontinuation of LaserDisc in 2000 and then the discontinuation of VHS in 2007, two physical movie formats prevail: DVD and Blu-ray. One is superior to the other in terms of quality, space and storage, but the other is DVD and it’s still pretty cool.