For the vegetable skeptics out there, you should know this roasted broccoli is delicious. I often find broccoli is either undercooked and tasteless or soggy, but this recipe is flavorful, simple and gives the veggie a nice crisp. Even my practically carnivorous friend ate a whole plate of it. So, for those nights when you’re tired of ramen and you want to eat something healthy and yummy, refer back to this recipe. Your taste buds and stomach will thank me later.


A bag of broccoli

Olive oil



Optional: Handful of shredded cheese (Any kind works, but I went for cheddar.)


1. First, set your oven to 375 degrees. Then gather all of your ingredients and a cooking sheet. Spread the broccoli over the cookie sheet evenly, with the heads (the parts that looks like the leafy tops of trees) facing up. Drizzle an even amount of olive oil over the veggies and then sprinkle the salt and pepper. Pop it into the oven.

2. Now set an alarm for 15 minutes. Once that goes off, stir up the broccoli and then put it in for another 15 minutes.

3. If you’re in the mood to make things a little cheesy, wait until the broccoli has 1 minute left and then sprinkle as much shredded cheese over it as you would like.

That’s it. You can now serve up a plate of scrumptious broccoli and enjoy a nice serving of vitamins and calcium to make your stomach happy. It pairs well with chicken or salmon and rice on the side.