Before you invite a cute STEM dork to a movie date, check how hot their nerd radar runs. If they study cognitive neuroscience, they might be interested in “The Creative Brain.” It explores the creative processes in our brains and how you can access them.

David Eagleman is an author and neuroscientist who hosts an hour-long special on ways to “hack” your brain. An architect, a nano-technician and other artists are asked what sparked their minds to create something new out of their lives after hitting a wall in their careers. One woman thought about the toys she used to play with: Shrinky Dinks. She described how that single thought brought her career to new heights. “The Creative Brain” can create conversation with your watching partner. But other than that, it gets pretty repetitive. Being told about success via new career paths can only be so entertaining. It’s kind of like “The Secret,” but a little less campy.

But it's not a total bomb. It is pretty inspiring to learn about pushing boundaries and breaking down mental constraints. So if you find the movie is a bust for the date, ditch the Netflix and go downtown. Introduce the science cutie to Big Dipper. Maybe stay on campus and check out the Star Gazing Room. Missoula offers a range of options for the perfect first date for the quiet, thoughtful types in your life, not just some obscure movie.

“The Creative Brain” is available for streaming on Netflix.