all ears 4/3

Three headstrong sisters are bringing their harmony-laden earnest folk to Missoula. After years of performing solo, Natalie Closner Schepman invited her younger twin sisters, Meegan and Allison Closner, to join her in starting a band. They named it Joseph, inspired by the picturesque eastern Oregon town and their grandfather Jo. The sisters went from self-producing their debut album and playing intimate house shows to signing to ATO Records and playing big festivals like Lollapalooza and TV shows like “Conan”. They are currently at work on their fourth album, but first, they’re embarking on a North American tour starting in Montana.

Montana Kaimin: Was music something you bonded over in your childhood?

Alli: Meegan and I looked up to Natalie for new music. She showed us Daniel Bedingfield and all her jazz CDs. We would always sing to the radio and Meegan and Natalie would fight over the same harmony.

MK: How has the band changed your relationship as sisters?

Meegan: Other than growing closer, we have been able to break down family roles.

MK: How has your sisterhood changed your musical experience?

Natalie: There is a lifetime's worth of shared experience. We get to offer so much more to an audience, kind of reading each other's minds in lots of ways, it really brings another dimension to the art.

MK: Do you ever get into arguments? How do you work through them?

Meegan: We definitely get in arguments and have to work through them. That is part of life and family. Sometimes we run into the dynamic of two against one with us twins, but we try to be equal.

Natalie: There is also always a mediator if one person has tension with another.

Alli: No matter what, because we are family, we are always fighting for the greater good of connection. We will always be blood relatives. There is always this decision to move through it.

MK: Is a sisterhood a humbling band experience?

Meegan: There is such an innate gratitude that happens having your literal history beside you. It is so grounding.

Joseph plays Thursday, April 4, at the Top Hat Lounge at 8 p.m. Tickets are $22 and the show is all ages.