Drew Danburry 

Where they’re from: Missoula, by way of Utah

Genre: Experimental pop

Similar artists: The Shins, Ben Ricketts

Getting stuck in your own head isn’t so bad when music is playing. Burying into existentialism and nihilism is a lot easier when you have an outlet to express your roundabout questions and answers. This has been both a comfort and a confusion for Drew Danberry in his experimental pop project, SRSLY. 

Danberry has never done acid himself, but as the record’s title states, he wants “you to do acid and listen to this.”

The album title might not give the music enough credit or room to speak for itself. One needs not go on a soul-searching acid trip to see themselves inside these inquisitive and internalized songs. 

“It's a tough thing to balance idealism and nihilism and existentialism,” Danburry said. He ended up with a narrative told in two albums: first, a story of struggling with religion followed by having a spiritual experience, the second about that spiritual experience not having any meaning. 

The lyrics in “i want you to do acid and listen to this” burrow into that nihilism. “Temple Shoes” pleads with the universe, “people drown in guilt, can’t forgive how they feel, such awful people justify themselves.” In “Comforting Nihilism,” Danburry sings, “If I took my life would I finally get some rest? If you took my life for me would you be my friend? I’m not tethered to this world.”

Danberry started the project while living in Utah for a couple decades, growing frustrated with what he perceived as a “disillusioned” culture. Left with an “existential black hole” in his life, he eventually moved to Missoula to start filling it. 

Through sharing his project, he is able to see how the messages ring true in a different environment. They will soon echo in the cavernous basement of a house show and burrow into a crowd of college students.

Drew Danburry plays Saturday, April 27, at the Eel Pit at 7:30 p.m. Cult of Lip, a shoegaze post-punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, also plays. The event is hosted by Ghost Carrot Records. $5. Check Facebook for more information.