Boisterous funk-infused melodies and hordes of waltzing bare feet on pavement filled the University of Montana's Oval Thursday night, Aug. 29, at Shakewell’s Griz Welcome performance.

A blend of disco, funk, hip-hop and jazz, the six UM alumni that make up Shakewell perform to make people dance. “It’s a mix of all sorts of things designed to get you moving around,” saxophonist Dylan Dwyer said.

Shakewell began the evening leisurely. Under a partially overcast sky, some concertgoers listened to the melodies while playing cornhole and Frisbee, others spread out on the Oval’s soft, green grass to sway to the tunes, while a few tangoed and two stepped on the pavement in front of the band.

Things got more exciting as the sun went down. Stage lights illuminated the pavement in a mild reds and blues. Around 9 p.m., one half of the pavement in front of Shakewell was occupied mostly by students dancing to the upbeat tunes. Half an hour later, the pavement was packed.

Vocalist Cove Jasmin stepped off the stage to lead the crowd in some dance moves. Jasmine later divided the dancing mass and created a chanting chorus with the audience. Shakewell performed a Maroon 5 mashup with all band members onstage to conclude their set. 

The small-scale style of the concert was a hit for some students. 

“I love how it is a super small venue, that you’re up close and personal with the artists,” freshman Isabelle Pearson said, “I’m from Houston where we have really big concerts where we don’t get to interact with artists like this.”