Caras Park hosted the 26th annual Germanfest on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019. Missoulians gathered to celebrate German culture, food, drinks and music as well as Missoula's relationship with its sister city, Neckargemünd, Germany. 

The band S-Bahn, led by Richard Tyce, performed at the festival, marking their fifth year performing at Germanfest. Tyce made sure to sample the food and beer offered at the venue — one of his favorite parts.

Tyce mentioned that, year by year, Germanfest is growing as friends bring their friends and more of the public gets involved. 

Bayern Brewing, a main sponsor of Germanfest, has been brewing beer for the Missoula community since 1987. It is the oldest brewery in the state of Montana.

This year exchange students from Gesamtschule Heidelberg, Sentinel High School's sister school, attended Germanfest with their host families. Retired professor of German studies Gerald Fetz gave a brief history of Missoula's relationship with German Sister City. Fetz was one of the individuals who set up the connection and made it as strong as it is today.