goth ball

Are you tired of basic Halloween parties? Don’t want to dress up in another basic costume you threw together? Tired of shelling out to pay for a dance party cover? Just want to groove to some spooky jams? You’re in luck: Goth Ball is here.

Yes, you heard us right. Goth Ball. Dig out your eyeliner and every black piece of clothing you own. You’re going to dance so hard the dead will feel it.

Maybe you don’t quite qualify yourself as goth. Maybe you’ve got a very specific image of goth in your mind involving people covered in pale makeup and shrouded in black, glaring at you as you walk by them on the street. Let DJ Gingerbat, the organizer of the event, put your fears to rest.

“Goth Ball is basically a dance night that gives you a great excuse to dress up,” says Gingerbat, also known as Sarah Suta. “People get to dance around and be silly in a spooky environment.”

Suta is the host of KBGA’s Tiny Gothish Radio Show and an expert on everything goth. When asked what inspired her to bring something so unique and different to Missoula, she replied with a laugh. “You have to make your own fun in Montana,” she said.

Suta was introduced to Goth Ball when she lived in Bozeman and helped organize the event there twice. After moving to Missoula and realizing no one was hosting anything remotely close to the Goth Ball she had grown to look forward to, she buckled down and did it herself. In this way, she has brought the goth subculture into a fairly granola Missoula for the second year in a row.

She found the perfect location to host the spooky season highlight in our favorite local dungeon of a bar, Monk’s. Local DJs and band Tomb Toad will fill the bar with gloomy tunes, adding an even darker aesthetic and ambience for people to dance around to.

Suta will play at the event as well as local favorite DJ Raven, king of the goths and popular author of “Goth Craft.” Tomb Toad rounds out the night with a live set, showcasing its own mix of post punk new wave synthesizer tunes.

There’s not a huge goth scene in Missoula. But you don’t have to be goth to enjoy some spooky fun, according to Suta.

“Goth is a wide umbrella,” she says. “It’s like keeping Halloween in your heart all year round.”

Not quite sure how to dress like Halloween is in your heart? Go to a thrift store and pick out five different things that are black and safety pin it together. At least that’s Suta’s advice. And she would know. But if you’re still in doubt, wear black.

Goth Ball is Saturday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. at Monk’s Bar. 21+. $8 cover.