catalyst brunch

When waking up around noon on a Sunday, the first thing most college kids want is food. Whether it’s to cure your hangover or because you’re out of pancake mix in your apartment, Missoula has a few spots great for days like these. Here’s what you need to know about brunchin’ Missoula style. 

Paul’s Pancake Parlor: 

This cozy spot has a large menu with plenty of options. It can be a bit pricey, but chances are you’ll leave with plenty of leftovers. One of the sweetest options is three crepes filled with Nutella. If you’re in the mood to pretend you’re eating healthily, you can order it with bananas and strawberries for only a bit extra. If you want to treat yourself, you could do much worse.



It’s a classic spot for any kind of food at all hours of the day. The servers are kind, considerate and will get you your food fast. The best thing to get here is simply a stack of pancakes with whatever sides you can think of. It’ll fill you up, it’s cheap, and while the food isn’t classy, it’s comforting. Sometimes that’s all you need. 


Burn Street Bistro:

It would be a crime to discuss brunch in the Zoo without mentioning this surefire option. Tucked away in the Westside of Missoula Burn Street’s an atmosphere that is friendly and laid back. This place does biscuits and gravy the right way. With your choice of adding bacon, eggs or home fries, each bite is rich, creamy and fluffy. 


The Catalyst: 

Everything about this place screams “delicious.” Not to mention, their London Fog is to die for. The only drawback is the wait tends to be discouraging. But hold out; it’s worth it. It’s Missoula classy, which means it’s a step up from most brunch places, but you won’t have fancy water glasses or ritzy accoutrement. Hot tip: order the egg breakfast sandwich with mushrooms, bacon and cheese. Every bite you take will have you craving more, as portions are small but filling.


Last but not least, The Oxford:

The Oxford downtown isn’t just a killer spot for an omelet or fries, but this historic spot has been around since 1883. The servers will greet you with a smile and the open kitchen is great if you’re curious about how your meal is cooked. Don’t mind the menu posted prominently on the wall above; pig brains haven’t been available for years. The omelets resemble a warm, home-cooked meal. Not to mention, this place is surprisingly cheap for the quality of the food, and it’s open 24 hours a day. How could a rowdy college student turn that down?