College brings three big time-erasers to every student’s life. We have stress, binge-watching Netflix and eating a bit more comfort food than we should. The Netflix binge is real, and it’s especially strong when you don’t want to work on that 16-page ethics paper. What if you don't want to focus on a documentary informing you of exactly how close you live to the alt-right in your state? Watch cartoons.

Netflix has been rebooting and remaking old fan-favorites from when we were kids. Not checking it out would be a disservice to your 5-year-old self. We’ve combed the Netflix desert to find stress-free cartoons.

Carmen Sandiego

Take a journey across the world with “Carmen Sandiego.” She’s the same spunky agent from the 1985 video game but with a whole new upgrade. Carmen travels the world in search of what her evil alma mater — V.I.L.E. — has stolen from upstanding citizens. The show is full of bright colors, and the storyline is easy to follow even if you fall asleep midway through.

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

Barbie, Skipper, Chelsea and Stacy all live in a Malibu mansion. Barbie and friends race each other and run through some common doll problems like a glitter shortage that takes over Malibu. And Ken has no idea how to fix any of this, but isn’t watching someone else struggle enough to make your own worries seem trivial?

Big Mouth

Middle school was awkward for all of us, right? Well, embrace the cringe and let your adult-ish chest hairs remember their roots with “Big Mouth.” Nick and Andrew deal with everything from the possibilities of being gay to having crushes verging on obsession. This show will make you remember the days you dreaded, but damn you will laugh hard. 


Trevor Belmont is the sole survivor in his family of vampire hunters. When Dracula raises a demonic army, a reluctant Belmont teams up with a vampire to bring peace back to the country. An anime with more gore than your American history class, you’ll learn about a whole new side of Dracula.


Princess Bean is depressed and wants a better life. When an elf and a demon walk into the castle, a new booze-filled journey awaits. From Matt Groening, the creator of such classics as “Futurama” and “The Simpsons,” this show will make you laugh and ponder what it would be like to have your very own personal demon.