The moon controls the tides, but what about personalities, events and human behavior?

Scientists are clear on the fact that there is no correlation between astronomical events and how we behave as humans. In Missoula, however, there is a spectrum of astrological belief, from those who adhere strictly to the predictions provided by their horoscopes to people who casually enjoy accusing others of being Scorpios. 

Most skeptics would agree that horoscopes are not always the most accurate depictions, but 21-year-old UM student Cierra Reynolds said her horoscope was the motivating force behind her starting a jewelry making business.

“I was thinking about it for a while,” said Reynolds. “I was really bored in class and reading my horoscope. I’m a Capricorn but I’m also a cusp so I’m close to an Aquarius. My Capricorn horoscope told me that this was a great time to recharge and make artwork. My Aquarius horoscope told me if I’d been thinking about starting up a business, now’s the time to do it.” 

Reynolds purchases crystals from the Crystal Limit and uses them to custom-make necklaces and earrings. She believes that crystals contain different energies and uses them to capture bad energy in an environment, she said. 

Despite following her horoscopes, Reynolds maintains a critical lense when reading their predictions.

“Some of them, I just don’t really agree because some aren’t meant for you. According to my Capricorn horoscope, my element is earth. My ruling planet is Saturn which is really fucking funny because I got a tattoo of a planet on my wrist like two years ago. I got it of a planet with a ring around it before I knew about any of this.”

Aura reader Carol Croft, of the annual Hamilton Psychic and Healing Fair, believes that crystals help with the alignment of your chakras. She said each chakra represents a different part of your body and different colors present what condition each body part is experiencing. Crystals, according to Croft, can help with “healing” chakras. Different crystals, Croft argued, give off different energies that correlate to your overall aura colors. These auras can be red, green, blue, yellow, purple or orange, Croft says. 

Turning to the stars and reading Greek mythology, former UM student Adrian Thomas Lemmon said he finds astrology and birth signs informative.

“I always sought refuge in the stars and always looked towards the sky for peace and guidance,” said Lemmon. “There is so much information that comes from it. I always tell people that are skeptical, ‘If the moon can create tides and have some gravitational pull on us then don’t you think other planets do as well?’”

Lemmon recently got the Musca and Aries constellation tattooed on his hand. 

“When I wanted to get my star sign tattooed on me,” said Lemmon. “I couldn’t think of a better place than properly positioning it on my hand as if the bee was Musca, just barely in Aries’ way.” 

The constellation Musca and Aries is the fly right by Aries’ biggest star, Hamal. “The fly, buzzing and small,” said Lemmon. “That ram, charged and aggressive. It’s almost like they both live in harmony.”

For those interested in learning more about themselves, crystals or auras, check out some of Missoula’s mystical hubs such as the Crystal Limit, Sister Earth Creations, or Water Lilies.