An ASUM U DASH bus waits in front of the music building for more passengers.

Life is tough for those who don’t drive, admit it. While motorists can simply get up and go whenever they feel like it, we pedestrians are left to sort out our own methods to get around this beautiful city of ours.

Perhaps you’re worried about contributing to climate change, don’t own a car, or just plain don’t feel like getting behind the wheel. You’re in luck; Missoula is a bike-friendly town with buses, wide sidewalks and good reasons to use them.

First up: use those legs.

Don’t feel like hoofing it? Grab a bike. Much of Missoula has dedicated bike lanes. When the weather is nice — and it often is — zip around town and get some cardio in. Free Cycles on S. 1st Street West is a great resource

for any of your cycling needs. You can even build your own set of wheels from scratch!

Be weary to leave your bike without a good lock on campus or around town. Bike theft is one of the most popular crimes, and that one-quarter inch braided lock you got when you were in middle school won’t do the trick. Get a U-lock on Amazon or buy one from UM’s Police Department on campus.

The Mountain Line bus system is the best bet for the rest of us. Lines 1 and 2 cover the University District and downtown, making stops every 15 minutes. Those of age can catch the night bus 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. every Thursday through Saturday. There’s no excuse for drunk driving; catch a ride to and from campus every 30 minutes and stay safe out there. Download the Mountain Line app for Android or IOS and you’ll have instant access to everything you could need to know.