Hypnotic LED lights and dance-inducing rave music energized the audience at the Wilma theater for EDM group Hippie Sabotage's third year in Missoula, Wednesday evening, March 4, 2020. Missoula was Hippie Sabotage's seventh stop of their 2020 Direction of Dream's tour.

Concert-goers dressed in outfits with mesh, tie-dye, splattered neon hoodies, and glowing goggles swayed to songs off of Hippie Sabotage's albums "The Sunny Album" and "Providence." The electronic jams got crowds jumping up and down and chanting phrases like "I don't give a fuck what."

Sabotage vocalist Kevin Saurer excited the audience by spraying alcoholic beverages on them and taking selfies. Saurer's brother Jeff Saurer provided electronic guitar rifts and DJ'd as the audience wobbled through raves.

Up and coming EDM duo ilo ilo opened for Hippie Sabotage. The group got the crowd swaying with songs from their 2019 album "wish I said this to u sooner." 

Hippie Sabotage will play next at the Knitting Factory in Boise, Idaho, March 5-6.