Cowboy hats, dreadlocks, and piercings filled the Top Hat as Americana band Dirtwire took the the stage. The trio, comprised of David Satori, Evan Fraser, and Mark Reveley returned to Missoula on Thursday, Oct. 3 for a headline performance at the Top Hat Lounge.  

This trio attracts people of all kinds with its diverse sound, a mixture of South American, African, Asian, beats, and the blues. They call it the "rebirth of Americana and post-millennial psychedelic." 

The band plays with a variety of instruments that you won't see anywhere else: guitarjo, electric space fiddle, and a Siberian ghostcatcher mouthbow. 

At the end of the show, Dirtwire walked through the audience to introduce themselves to people. They say their music is a celebration of the earth, diversity, and breaking down barriers to those who are separated by borders.