sleepy time

What we’re drinking 

Good ol’ Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea. The tea comes in a variety of flavors, all “handpicked” by what the box calls “a blend master.” Prefer a lavender taste? They’ve got you covered. If honey is your thing, there’s a box of that, too. Celestial Seasonings also provides options with EXTRA STRENGTH for the more insomnia-ridden of us.

Where we’re drinking 

Our beds, probably. Or the couch. Anywhere relaxing, maybe with a throw blanket. For maximum results, turn your screens off and grab a book or a journal. This is a basic self-care exercise, and it’s time to get sleepy. 

Why we’re drinking

The tea itself is tasty, but can be overpowering in its flavor. The teas are infused with valerian root to help you sleep and are blended masterfully to give off that, “Wow, you should be sleepy now” steam. It’s all-around very comfortable to drink. We all have nights where we lie awake for hours haunted by embarrassing memories. Sleepy Time tea is here for you on those nights. 

Final thoughts

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea won’t cure your insomnia — even the extra strength edition. But there’s a good chance it’ll get you relaxed and ready for bed. It’s a great, albeit slightly less effective, alternative to melatonin supplements and is 100 percent tastier. The romanticization of staying up all night in college is harmful and lame, so grab some Sleepy Time tea and read a book in the comfort of your own bed.