Rotisserie chicken is like the dress-with-pockets of the food world. It’s so easy, it’s comforting and it makes everyone who sees you think that you have your shit together when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are four ways to use up that sweet, sweet grocery store chicken.

1. You just went grocery shopping. Break off a thigh or leg and eat your chicken while it’s still hot. Absolutely the best with a side of veggies and that delicious fresh French bread that every grocery store puts out at 4:30 p.m. BAM! Adult dinner! Side-note: The next day, skip your early class, slice up that leftover bread and make French toast. You won’t be sorry.

2. Tacos are another fake-adulting meal. Take some of your chicken and shred or cut it up into small pieces. Do a little more than you think you can eat; it will shrink up when you heat it. Put it in a skillet with a little bit of cooking oil on medium heat. Liberally sprinkle taco seasoning, salt and pepper onto the chicken. I like to add some Cajun seasoning too, but that’s up to you. Stir so the chicken gets well-coated in the spices and cook until warm, or until there’s a couple tiny shreds stuck to the side of the pan that are a bit crispy. Mmm. Serve with normal taco trappings.

3. Pack your lunch with the chicken. Cut the breast into thin, even slices for a sandwich or chop into cubes on a salad. It’s that easy, my dudes.

4. As you pick apart your chicken, take care to get all the meat off in an efficient and respectful-to-the-chicken-carcass way. Save the bones and the wings and all the other gross parts and at the end of the week, when the vegetables you bought at the grocery store but never ate are still in your fridge, you can throw it all in a pot with a whole bunch of water, leave it alone for a few hours and then brag to your friends about your homemade broth. Congrats, you real adult.

You can find a rotisserie chicken at any grocery store worth its salt, but make sure to lift them all up and choose the heaviest one. Lucky’s Market has them for $5 every Wednesday, but they average about $6-7 elsewhere (still a good deal tho).

Contributed by Zoie Koostra

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