Ending ‘A Christmas Story’
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Of all the thoughtless gifts you didn’t ask for, but will receive for Christmas this year, “A Christmas Story Christmas” is the lousiest. From the mastermind behind “The Angry Birds Movie,” comes a poorly packaged, cheap knockoff of a sequel 40 years out of style.  Read moreEnding ‘A Christmas Story’

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Since the discontinuation of LaserDisc in 2000 and then the discontinuation of VHS in 2007, two physical movie formats prevail: DVD and Blu-ray. One is superior to the other in terms of quality, space and storage, but the other is DVD and it’s still pretty cool.

Ten actors dressed in neutral colors, tall boots and masks that made their faces look like dogs stood scattered across the stage inside the Masquer Theatre. They wore no microphones. No recorded sounds or music played, but their words filled the space as they talked, cried and even howled.

When the music scene became flooded with cheap pop phenomena, Weird Al Yankovic saved the day with parody songs. Now that the film scene is overrun with cash-grabbing, Oscar-baiting biopics, Yankovic saves the day again with “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.”

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Singer, songwriter and actor, Machine Gun Kelly is one of the most controversial rock stars of our generation. A musician from Texas who got his start in the rap industry before finding his voice in punk and pop rock, Kelly’s ascent to fame has always been widely debated and criticized. His …

In probably the most brutal display of revolting, putrid carnage to ever spew from a theater screen, “Terrifier 2” is the day-ruining joyride a dying genre needed. You’ll either lose your lunch or sleep from this mercilessly bloody massacre of fanciful proportions. It’s over two hours of mut…

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Todd Field’s new film “Tár” is flawlessly composed and well-orchestrated, but originality is not its forte. Despite being a near-perfect arrangement elegantly dressed in all the trappings of a sophisticated communiqué, this piece has already been performed better by a film eight years older.

The holiday absolutely nobody asked for, National Pickle Day, is coming up on Nov. 14. To prepare your heart, mind and taste buds, the stars have decided to let pickles solve your existential crises. Recently, you’ve been grappling with the question: “Who am I?” So find your pickle identity …

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A year after the University of Montana campus was founded, The Montana Museum of Art and Culture was born. Approximately 125 years later, the museum has amassed over 11,000 pieces of art and for the first time, is moving into its own dedicated building on campus.

The only thing more upsetting than the concept of a retail-store-themed movie is that someone in a position of authority approved it. 

Like the undead in his new film “Wendell & Wild,” Henry Selick’s career gets a long-awaited revival in 2022. It’s been 13 years since he last traumatized a generation of kids, but he’s back to revisit children’s nightmares with his magnum opus. 

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For University of Montana students curious about what goes on behind the scenes of festivals and getting artists on stage, Logan Foret of Missoula’s BFK Entertainment plans to explain all the behind-the-scenes secrets at Legacy Lounge on Nov. 5.