Labor Fest 1

Wilma Laverne Miner, a Missoula-based dream pop, twang, emo, and alternative band plays at the Rialto Aug. 31 2019 during  the second day of Labor Fest, Bozeman's DIY music festival. 


Where they’re from: Missoula, Montana
Genre: Indie rock
Sounds like: the heart of Elliot Smith madeglamorous with some 80’s melodrama.
Favorite tracks: “callouses,” “3 a.m.”

Wilma Laverne Miner brings its “jukebox dream-pop” to Missoula. The band’s music is reminiscent of a mid-2000s sound, combining deep lyrical roots with home-produced instrumental tracks.

Frontwoman Kaylen Alan Krebsbach is a powerhouse, conducting the band while belting raw vocals in songs like “3 a.m.” Other members are Montana musicians Sam Smetana and Ricky Schade on guitar, Rob Cave playing bass and Tyler Duncan on drums.

Krebsbach has been playing music in her hometown of Missoula since her teen years. She had her fair share of touring as well, spending time on the road with Buddy Wakefield and Andrea Gibson and tour managing for Kississippi. She made her way back to Missoula, cultivating more of her own striking sounds. Early country influences and lyrical poetry define Wilma Laverne Miner. “Callouses,” a single released on Bandcamp, showcases Krebsbach’s new sound. The track will bring the tears, tapping into the sentiment of a recently broken heart. Between Krebsbach’s vocal talent and insightful lyrics, Wilma Laverne Miner soothes. It is perfect for a chill drive with friends or for being home alone in the middle of an angsty night. Wilma Laverne Miner is releasing its debut album later this year and Hockey House is the premier spot to get an early listen.

Wilma Laverne Miner plays Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 8:30 p.m. at Hockey House. Local band Carpool will play its last set and World’s Greatest Dad also shares the bill. $5 suggested donation.



Where they’re from: Glen Rock, New Jersey
Genre: Punk rock
Sounds like: An end of the world dance party, angry and and angsty but groovy none-the-less.
Favorite tracks: “Hey Ma,” “Tumult Around the World” 

VFW Post 209 is going to get rowdy when punk band Titus Andronicus comes to town. The venue is usually reserved for small local music shows, but your local gem-of-a-record-store, Ear Candy Music, is bringing the popular band and packing the bar.

Titus Andronicus is bringing its lo-fi punk rock to Missoula on the heels of the release of its sixth album, “An Obelisk.” Produced by Bob Mould, the record is inspired by Mould’s other projects, Sugar and Hüsker Dü, while ramping up the intensity to create something that is entirely Titus Andronicus.

Filled with head-banging high energy rock, Titus Andronicus is guaranteed to make everyone, even people who don’t like punk, want to party.The record is firmly anti-establishment, dissing the president and talking about immigration, utilizing lead singer Patrick Stickles’ jarring vocals to get the message across.

The record slows down midway through for one track, “My Body and Me,” before ramping it back up for “Hey Ma,” the most instrumentally heavy track that features a bagpipe (trust me, it works).

Start head-banging now, because Titus Andronicus is going to fight against the machine in the loudest way possible.

Titus Andronicus plays Friday, Sept. 13, at 8 p.m. Control Top opens at VFW Post 209. The event is 21+, $10, or $12 day of show.