The Friday night show at the Wilma featuring two up-and-coming midwestern bands attracted a line of music-lovers wrapped around the corner of Front St. Some jumped up and down to stay warm, others simply discussed their favorite songs while huddled together on the sidewalk.

Soon, however, youthful indie rock filled every last nook and cranny of the packed house, courtesy of Midwestern bands Hippo Campus and The Greeting Committee.

The crowd swayed, jumped and sang along to hits from both bands' recent albums. For Hippo Campus, this included previously unheard tracks from two demo albums released this summer, "Demos I" and "Demos II."

Lead vocalist Jake Luppen opened the band’s set with the title track off its tour album, “Bambi.” Luppen wrote the track and the band, made up of guitarist Nathan Stocker, bassist/keyboardist Zach Sutton, drummer Whistler Allen and trumpeter DeCarlo Jackson, said the lyrics center on the challenges of being a good friend when “your mental health is getting in the way.”

Though the crowd already knew the words to these newer songs, they were sandwiched between recognizably dance-worthy hits from their debut album, "Landmark," and the 2015 EP "Bashful Creatures.” These included "Way It Goes," "Buttercup," and the the not-so-morbid "Suicide Saturday."

For The Greeting Committee, it was hits from the band's October 2019 EP, "I'm Afraid I'm Not Angry," capped off with the song that got the band's feet off the ground, "Hands Down." 

The bandmates, all of whom were still in high school just four years ago, brought passion to the stage with bright vocals from lead singer Addie Sartino, and catchy riffs from guitarist Brandon Yangmi, bassist Pierce Turcotte and drummer Austin Fraser.

Hippo Campus and The Greeting Committee traveled to the Knitting Factory in Spokane for a show on Nov. 16, 2019, then headed to California for the last five shows of the “Bambi” tour.