broad city

We’ve laughed and sighed (and gotten really high) but now it is time to say goodbye to our favorite broads in the city. With each stoned escapade we’ve fallen deeper in love with this love story between two 20-something girlfriends trying to make it in the Big Apple. But the time has come to light one up and say a final “yas queen.” “Broad City” has entered its final season.

Co-stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s story began at the New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, leading to their creation of the web series “Broad City,” which was picked up by Comedy Central in 2014.

The show is produced by comedic badass Amy Poehler and has the most bizzare cameos, from Fred Armisen and Amy Sedaris to Rupaul and Shania Twain. Jacobson and Glazer pay careful attention to their cult following of fans, putting in special details only die-hard broads could catch. They capture the casual chaos of the city perfectly with small scenes that unfold in the background, giving you glimpses into strangers’ lives.

This season, they’re sticking to their roots with a webby aesthetic. The first episode of the final season is told entirely in instagram stories, following Abbi and Ilana’s celebration of Abbi’s 30th birthday. Despite their mishaps, Ilana and Abbi have a way of lifting one another up and growing into their own better, albeit still broke, versions of themselves. As this season of “Broad City” charts the girls’ mishaps, we plan on remaining right beside them until the very end.