In the final studio episode of Kaimin Cubicle, up-in-coming rapper KaspertheSaint joins us in our office venue. His rhymes are genuine, and he was so much fun to have on shoot.

Kasperthesaint is a rapper and multimedia artist based in Missoula, Montana. He first entered the music world when he got into writing poetry

“I always was well rounded when it came to art,” said Kasper. “I had good mentors too.”

He found inspiration in famous rappers like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Billy Eilish, and other artists who think outside of the box. Kasper self-described his music genre as Emo-Rap and Singing.

He first got into a recording studio over a year ago and fell in love. Since his start, Kasper released 14 singles and EPs to multiple online streaming services. 

His most recent release, named ‘5270,’ pivots to a melodic rhythm and Kasper’s singing ability. The full song premiers April 3rd, 2020.

Outside of music, Kasper is a prominent dancer. He performs as an artistic diplomat Ballet Without Borders. He explained that it is just about creation. 

He explores different types of mediums like clothing, choreography, and anything that can express his feelings. 

“I love expressing myself, I get to relate with others,” said Kasper. “A good friend of mine stated ‘the opposition of war isn't peace, its creation.’”

He wants his music, and other artistic creations to reflect a broader world community and have different demographics.

“I honestly just want to create art with people around the world,” said Kasper.