Only the best bar in town (beating out my former favorite, the bowling alley), Gild. The brewery has tacos, games, beer and the good stuff: kombucha. There’s no better way to enjoy your ‘buch than over a game of “Super Smash Bros,” despite it being virtually impossible to play while drinking something, resulting in my demise four times in a row.


Chai Kombucha. A couple years ago, I had a roommate who would regularly leave the house at night to meet with his “kombucha guy.” This led me to believe that kombucha was an illegal drug for an embarrassing length of time. It’s not. Kombucha is a fermented, vinegar-y beverage that benefits your gut flora. Gut flora is what helps you digest stuff and is not, in fact, a German punk band.


Like kombucha. It’s sweeter than average, and doesn’t smell as much like apple cider vinegar as your standard glass. There’s no hint of the chai, but it kind of hurt my stomach and made me a little sweaty, which makes me wonder if there is caffeine in it (which I’m pretty sure I’m slightly allergic to). But, everything makes me kind of sweaty, so it’s not fair to put it on the beverage. That being said...


You’re welcome, body. I have nourished you with nectar of the Hippie Gods. That means I can go back to eating bacon as a meal and drinking lots of beer, right? I’m balancing it out. I am a health goddess. Hell, I may even take a yoga class.