Kaimin arts and culture reporter and columnist Raven McMurry wears various layers on an early spring day on campus.

Spring is great because it means winter is over and more rain showers make it lush on campus. But it’s not the easiest season to dress for. Creating a solid outfit to fit one spring day is mission impossible. It’s the time of year for Chacos with a puffy jacket, which is totally acceptable for Missoula. Spring brings out the outfit combos that make Anna Wintour cringe. So here’s a couple ways to avoid being the latest fashion disaster this season.


Cotton sweaters are best for layering. The material breathes and allows some air flow. If sweating is a worry, start layering with a tank top and put on a button-up and a sweater that’s easy to take off. Lightweight rain jackets are a great alternative to your heavy winter jacket, too. Keeping it light and effective is the best way to stay protected without schlepping your whole closet with you. If you can wear a hat with your outfit, throw it on. Protect the ‘fro, or whatever you have going on.


Finding an effective shoe for spring is tricky. Do you jump in the rain puddle or avoid water at any cost because your footwear lacks the waterproofing you need? Slip-on sandals are easy and cute, but if you can’t avoid the rain or the puddles that cover the sidewalks, change to a pair of flats. Closed-toe flats are perfect for spring. Or just put on your Hunter rain boots, you boujee beauty.

I’m not saying you have to follow these rules, but the Missoula fashion police are watching. And by Missoula fashion police, I mean the Trendsetters at the U.