Opening the 23rd-annual KBGA Birthday Bash on Friday, Sept. 20 at the Badlander, Motorhome played a smashing set. It was the band's first time playing the Bash.

Guitarist and lead vocalist, Jim Caringi, said the band felt "complete, utter, totally excited" when the band was invited to play. 

Motorhome isn't unfamiliar to the Badlander, or to UM for that matter. Caringi and fellow guitarist Duncan Campbell are professors at the University. Beth Brewer, who plays vibraphone and synthesizer, was one of Caringi's students in the social work department. 

The band consists of guitarist Jim Caringi, fellow guitarist Duncan Campbell, bass player Ben Brewer, his wife Beth Brewer, and drummer Joe Nickell.

Caringi says Motorhome has been together for five or six years, brought together by mutual connection and passion for music. Th band was inspired by a lot of East Coast bands, seeing as Caringi is from Upstate New York, and was also influenced by Soundgarden, Neil Young, and other Seattle bands.

Motorhome currently has an album out titled, "Magnets." The band is often spotted at the Badlander on a Friday night, or at the University of Montana campus.