Something terrifying is coming to dorm rooms and apartments this Halloween. It’s a chilling endeavor that your friends and partners, who have frustratingly low standards when it comes to cinema, will force you to endure. In the coming weeks, you’ll probably have to sit through … ANOTHER ADAM SANDLER COMEDY!

No, the Sandman’s surprise dramatic turn in recent works like “Uncut Gems” has not spared movie-goers from the same tired schtick he’s heavily relied on since the ‘90s. But never fear. “Hubie Halloween” is no “Jack and Jill” (admittedly, that’s not saying much).

Hubie Halloween 01

Cue the obligatory, sappy message about being kind to people who are different than you.

But when a lunatic escapes prison and Salem residents start to go missing, Hubie may just be able to use his Halloween smarts to save the day and prove his worth to the neighborhood. And he might just get enough courage to ask his childhood crush Violet (Julie Brown) out on a date. I’m using the word “might” generously.

Surviving “Hubie Halloween” isn’t a guarantee. It has the toilet humor, mindless slapstick and forced drama you all know and hate. Sandler’s voice, though not nearly as obnoxious as in “Water Boy,” can still be grating, especially given how often he has to scream. And for a story with such a blatant anti-bullying message, it comes off as mean-spirited.

But just when it looks like you’re about to drown, the film throws you a comedic life-preserver. The writers spoil you to the point where you may have to count the number of times you laugh on one hand, not just one finger. This is largely thanks to the solid and underused supporting cast, including Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson. Even Sandman regulars like Kevin James and Rob Schneider get a chuckle or two. But most shocking of all, there’s a genuinely funny plot twist near the end that I didn’t see coming.

Don’t mistake my generosity for praise. “Hubie Halloween” is still bad, and it’s still Adam Sandler. But if a loved one forces you to watch it, don’t be afraid. You will get through it.

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