On the premier episode of Kaimin Cubicle, we brought local student band Cosmic Sans into our office venue to serenade us with some Jazz-Rock fusion.

Cosmic Sans is a five-piece Jazz-Rock fusion group based in Missoula, Montana. They are Vocalist Jake Howell, Lead Guitarist Seamus Jennings, Bass Guitarist Kyler Rebich, Rhythm Guitarist Will Stoskopf, and Percussionist Christian Rockeman. 

Jennings and Rockeman first played together in April of 2018, when they still went to high school in Great Falls, Montana. Now both freshmen at UM, they met Rebich, who conjoined the group with Juniors Howell and Stoskopf.

Howell and Stoskopf are both 21, while the rest of the band members are a bit younger.

“I have the potential to live in three different centuries,” said Stoskopf. “I’m an old ass man.”

Cosmic first played together in Missoula on October 8, and the band stuck together ever since. The group is made up of all UM students and has a strong tie to campus

“My favorite hall on campus is probably Knowles hall,” said Howell. “We were all K2.”

Howell, a media arts major, is one of two non-music major members. Rebich, Rockeman, and recently Jennings are majoring in Jazz studies.

“I have switched. I have been converted to Jazz,” said Jennings.

Despite jazz not being everyone’s major, Howell explained that jazz is a major part of his life.

“We love Jazz,” said Howell.

Cosmic’s next gig is on March 25 at the Ole Beck VFW Post bar and music venue.