ted bundy tapes

If you’re a true crime addict, “The Ted Bundy Tapes” on Netflix will excite, disturb and ask you to rethink the entire story of America’s most notorious serial killer. This is not a show to play in the background while working on homework. It’s engaging, educational and it will make you want to understand the mind of a psychopath. This show demands your undivided attention. 

“The Ted Bundy Tapes” thrives in the slow reveal of specific (and bizarre) facts about Bundy — he had blue eyes, but when he began to discuss murder and women, his eyes turned black. What?! Whether you’re watching by yourself or with a group of friends, prepare for some sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat.

The documentary series highlights Bundy’s more charming, intellectual and handsome traits; he was the perfect boy next door. The scariest aspect of the “The Ted Bundy Tapes” is the show’s ability, and apparent commitment to, humanizing its protagonist. When his mother cries to the press after his trial, you have to remind yourself of his heinous crimes and narcissistic personality. 

If the producers’ goal was to get viewers to let your guard down, finding it within yourselves to feel some sympathy for Bundy, they nailed it. There aren’t many documentaries that have the power to make you feel bad for a serial killer. “Tapes” will do that. At the same time, the show glamorizes a man who assaulted and murdered as many as 30 young women and girls. That was a weird thing you did, Netflix!