roxy movie cult

In an age of darkness and despair, what’s better than watching a movie that starts out in darkness and despair? The Canadian horror film “Ginger Snaps” drips with those two things and more, like menstrual blood and staged death scenes. 

The Roxy’s “Movie Cult” film series happens every Saturday and brings movies like “Heathers,” “Lost in Translation,” and “Gremlins” to the big screen years, even decades, after their initial release. Movie Cult nights are a great way to relive nostalgia and take a break from the heartbreaking documentaries that keep coming out. What’s not to love? 

This weekend’s cult-classic is John Fawcett’s 2000 masterpiece (in my opinion), “Ginger Snaps.” Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald are teenage sisters obsessed with death in  Bailey Downs, where animals keep getting attacked by a mysterious creature. The two film themselves in über-gorey death scenes (being impaled by a fence post or run over by a car) and share it with their classmates as a school project. Relatable teenage stuff. 

As the girls wander the streets at night, Ginger gets her first period, and the smell of the blood attracts that mysterious creature mentioned above. In true B-horror spirit, Ginger is attacked and subsequently becomes a monster herself. 

It’s a horror classic with a puberty twist, and like most of the movies the Roxy shows in its Movie Cult series, it deserves your attendance. Don’t miss the chance to relive your first period how we all thought it would happen — an untimely ending in an animal attack.