Lisa Prank

WHERE THEY’RE FROM: Seattle, Washington

GENRE: Pop-punk

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Charly Bliss, Diet Cig

Lisa Prank puts the spunk in pop punk. She is opening for AJJ and will tickle Missoula pink on Saturday with her self-described “babysitter punk.” Her moody sound will transport you to back to inner teen angst. Sassy and sunny, she’s got the make-out tracks on lock. Over buoyant electric guitar and a Roland MC-505 drum machine, Prank shouts out her frustrations with dumb love and boy bands with bad lyrics, and her desire to dance with someone rather than talk.

Lisa Prank opens for AJJ at the Top Hat Lounge, Saturday, April 13, the show starts at 9. Tickets are $15.


WHERE THEY’RE FROM: Phoenix, Arizona

GENRE: Folk-punk

SIMILAR ARTISTS: Pup, The Mountain Goats

AJJ is coming to jab Missoula with some social and political honesty. The group’s folk-punk accelerates from soft to abrasive with lyrics about politics, nihilism, white privilege and capitalism. The band has spend the last 15 years rioting through the political rubble, with six albums and a rotating cast of members and collaborators. The band’s lyrics express outrage with the state of the world while drums rumble and guitar sullenly twangs. Their vocals cry, spattering anger and anxiety.

AJJ plays at the Top Hat Lounge, Saturday, April 13. The show starts at 9. Tickets are $15.


WHERE THEY’RE FROM: Portland, Oregon

GENRE: Indie


Katherine Paul’s solo project, Black Belt Eagle Scout, is personally and politically cutting. Paul was raised in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, singing and dancing at powwows since childhood. In her teen years she learned guitar by watching Nirvana and Hole VHS tapes. After moving to Portland, Oregon, Paul joined the bands Genders and Forest Park and got involved with rock and roll camps for girls. Her guitar is full, backed by delicate drums and misty synth. Soft vocals illuminate intersectional issues as she comes to grips with the complexities of queer romance and her Indigenous identity.

Black Belt Eagle Scout plays at the Union Ballroom Monday, April 15 at 7. Tickets are $7.