The Roxy has always been the best place in Missoula for people to watch “films,” but since September the theater has also been the only place in Montana to go and regularly watch literal films, as in beautiful, grainy, exposed-on-celluloid, 35mm analog reels. After holding special screenings once a month or so, the Roxy is busting out their first exclusively film series in April with weeks of classics from film-school favorite Stanley Kubrick.

Kubrick is best known for dorm room post- er classics like “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Full Metal Jacket” and “The Shining,” but for the Kubrick on Film series the Roxy is shaking things up a little bit and throwing some deep cuts in with the hits. Here’s our guide for what to expect from the films in the series:


Probably one of your dad’s favorite movies, “Dr. Strangelove” is an absolutely wild and pitch-black comedy about the Cold War that holds up remarkably well in this turbulent age of ours. Check it out if goofy ex-Nazi scientists and crazy American military officials ranting about “precious bodily fluids” while ordering a nuclear strike against the Soviet Union sounds like your jam. Playing Sunday, April 7 and Friday, April 12.


“Barry Lyndon” is another one that your dad would probably love. Actually it’s got to be in the top five or 10 ultimate dad movies. A lavish and extremely boring historical epic about a tricky Irishman, the film was shot on film cameras with special lenses that Kubrick reappropriated from NASA back in the day. You and your dad can nerd about about history and science at the same time. It’s a double whammy. Playing Sunday, April 21.


The diplomatic word for “Lolita” is that it’s controversial, but in this day and age the best descriptor for it is probably that it is extremely problematic. The film is an adaptation of the Vladimir Nabakov novel that is a lingering staple of the Western canon. Nabakov wrote the script for the adaptation, and it focuses on a European professor and grown-ass man who moves to America, marries a woman, and develops an upsetting obsession with her teenage daughter. This one will probably be a great thirst trap for pretentious art boys, if that’s your type. Playing Friday, April 26.


Another of the dorm room poster staples, “A Clockwork Orange” is also wild one. An adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel, your humble previewer has never really thought it lived up to the hype. But it’s definitely an experience and the film inspired several acts of violent crime in England after its release, forcing Kubrick to pull it from theaters in the UK. He refused to release it again until after he died, so you crime freaks will have a field day with it. Playing Sunday, April 28 and Friday, May 3.