Colorful lights, screaming fans and blaring music bounced off the walls of The Badlander on Friday night, Jan. 17, as both drag queens and burlesque artists performed on stage at The Panty Rock Drag Show. The performers collected dollar bills as they performed for a cause. 

According to Maggie Bornstein, the co-director of the Women's Resource Center, the show is traditionally a fundraiser for renting a space to hold the Vagina Monologues, an annual play. This year, the Women's Resource Center decided to support something different.

"Tonight, the goal is to create a fun and successful fundraiser for the murdered and missing indigenous women documentary," said Bornstein. "This year the women's resource center decided to veto the Vagina Monologues in order to support a story that is important to our community."

The funds raised from Panty Rock will go to supporting Ivan and Ivy MacDonald in the making of "When They Were Here," their full-length documentary on murdered and missing indigenous women that has been in the works for over two years.

Fans and friends of the queens would either hand money to the performers or throw their bills on stage, and the bills eventually found their way into one of the two large donation buckets, supporting both the performers and the MacDonald sibling's work.

"Drag is another art form to express yourself with," said emcee and queen, Sophia Stone Valhallan. "I do this because I want to show other people that they can do exactly what they want to do."