snarky puppy

To say Snarky Puppy’s thirteenth studio album is “jazz-fusion” does a disservice to the wide array of sounds “Immigrance” brings to your ears. 

The opening track, “Chonks,” is an eclectic upbeat mix of jazz and funk with a badass vibe that makes you feel like the protagonist in a medium-budget action movie. Meanwhile, “Coven” conjures images of new age witches walking around New Orleans (“American Horror Story” style). 

What I’m getting at is even though there are only eight tracks on “Immigrance,” the album still offers a wide array of musical vibes. Snarky Puppy rarely uses vocals, but lyrics aren’t needed to portray a meaning to their songs. “When We’re Young” is nostalgic for a summer night you may have never had and “Even Us” feels like the almost-breakup scene in a romantic drama. 

“Immigrance” almost feels like the score to about five different movies. No fight scenes or actions scenes, but this isn’t a bad thing. No song on the album feels out of place; everything flows into one long story with peaks and valleys. Toward the end of the eight tracks, things slow down and “Even Us” ends the album on a somber, but hopeful, note. 

By combining so many different genres, Snarky Puppy pigeon-holes itself into a niche group of listeners. It’s not a band for everyone, and the sound can get a bit overbearing at times. It’s sensory overload if the music isn’t normally your style, but it’s worth a listen if you’ve never given it a shot. 

“Immigrance” isn’t an album for everyone, but for the people who are into a lot of sound, it provides a new flavor of each genre it combines. Jazz, rock and funk (and, honestly, I heard some EDM-vibes in there) are all a part of Puppy’s new record.