weed perfume

Do you know your scents from your strains? Walking around Bath & Body Works, the dreamy and whimsical names of lotions and perfumes start to sound a lot like another relaxant. See if you can differentiate the scents that you can’t have in the dorms from those that make us smell pretty.


A strain characterized by the natural scent of juniper sounds great, but it’s actually a perfume found in Bath & Body Works. It turns out people like to smell like nature rather than sweet citrus sometimes.


This berry scent is actually cannabis. This strain is mostly indica, but it’s given a berry scent by one of its parent strains, Black Cherry Soda. Indica is called a “heavy” strain of cannabis, and this specific strain is calming. If you’re into deep thinking and relaxation, Plushberry is perfect for you.


No, we are not talking about the gum brand. A hybrid of two different strains, this plant has large leaves and a colorful bud. Juicy Fruit’s sweet tropical aroma is the reason for the name, and maybe also the reason you thought this was a perfume.


With this fancy name, are you surprised it’s a perfume? This is a light and floral scent that has now been retired by Bath & Body Works. Maybe one day we can all get get lost in Plumeria.


This is a gimme. When you hear country, think perfumes. For some reason, naming a perfume “Country Something” is popular (Avon carries one called “Wild Country”). It’s a fruity scent, but you probably guessed that. This scent is also retired by Bath & Body Works.