“The Silence” appears to be another example of Netflix remaking hits produced by other companies. And how did they do it? Well, quite poorly. “A Quiet Place” is the major touchstone for this movie, so strap in for a bumpy ride. Plot holes are everywhere.

We follow a family living outside New York City when small, blind pterodactyl-looking creatures start attacking cities in the U.S., which obviously leads to widespread panic. Here’s the thing, these “Vesps” plaguing the cities attack sources of sound. Sound familiar? Hugh Andrews (Stanley Tucci) and his family go to the woods to find a quiet place (ha) to stay the night. They evade the creatures by using sign language and whispering. But if these creatures attack noise, why is whispering okay?

The Tooch and his brood find a house to stay the night, opening its front gate that (surprise) is rigged with bells. Hearing the noise, Vesps flock to the house and perch. In a wildly irresponsible move, a woman living inside the house hears the bells too, slams her door open while carrying a shotgun and begins to yell. She barely notices the Vesps all over her property. This woman can see people from a distance, but not a number of hell-beasts taking over her yard? She’s eaten quickly, but the question still remains. And this is just one instance of poor storytelling, trust me. If you need a new drinking game, though, take a shot every time you have to ask yourself “why” and “how” while watching. You’ll likely have a better time.