There is scum amongst the social media giants, and it’s Tiktok. On TikTok, kids can create short-form videos on their cell phones for anyone with the app to see. And when I say kids, I mean users only need to be 13.

So these barely-teens are doing cringy dances to popular songs, and when they actually talk, these children can barely recreate a good meme. There can only be so many recreations of the “Pretty Boy Swag” meme. One video is just a kid standing alone, and then suddenly being replaced by a lamp. It just doesn’t make sense. Sure, there have been some small stars made from TikTok, but the company has already had to deal with some pretty major legal drama.

Back in February, TikTok had to agreed to pay $5.7 million to settle allegations against them. According to CNN, TikTok was collecting personal information on children under 13. TikTok made some changes, but (sadly) none of them apply to settling “the cringe.”

It’s still young people trying to be the next crop of influencers with stupid videos of themselves. But what can we do to take down this social media poison? Tell your younger siblings it’s not cool. We have the power to influence them because our age, to them, is our “cool.”

So do the world a favor for all of us meme-connoisseurs. Let’s take down this cringe-fest. If you need some hilarity in your life, watch the Contouring 101 video on Youtube. Sometimes the oldies are the best.