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We tried TikTok recommended drinks so you don’t have to

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We tried TikTok recommended drinks so you don’t have to

Harken back to the days in which quarantine meant the only thing to do was go to Starbucks and watch TikTok. Join this barista on a journey through the many flavors 



Turns out you can throw just about anything into a blender and call it a frappuccino. Should you?


How to order: Order a venti frappe that is half heavy whipping cream, half apple juice, with 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce and caramel, and caramel drizzle

If you like caramel apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream, try it in a cup. Thanksgiving  comes early this year with this drink, and it is sweet enough to help forget the dark history of the holiday. Heavy cream might sound daunting, but remember that fat is good for you! And the sweet edgy apple flavor might make the drink feel almost healthy. Consider adding graham cracker toppings to finish it off. Nine apple pies out of ten.


How to order: Order a strawberry creme frappe, no classic, 2 pumps of vanilla and raspberry, 2 scoops of dragon fruit, and a splash of mango dragon fruit and whipped cream blended in

The ghost of the Unicorn Frappuccino is back to haunt and delight. This frappe’s mango and strawberry flavors compliment each other in this creamy mix of sugary and tangy. Eight out of 10 - still missing the unicorn frappe. 


How to Order: Order a vanilla bean frappe, with honey and cinnamon dolce syrup, cinnamon powder blended in, and caramel drizzle

The real Pooh Bear is as sweet as can be, so try this Pooh inspired TikTok drink. It’s a cinnamon, caramel and honey laden graham cracker of a frappe. There’s enough honey flavor that  Pooh himself would approve.  He might ask for the bother of swapping the caramel drizzle for a tad more honey, but the sweetness is already at its max for the rest of us. Ten out of 10 silly old bears.



How to order: Order a venti vanilla bean frappuccino, with 2 pumps of raspberry and 2 scoops of dragon fruit

Tired of a basic vanilla frappe? Mix up that smooth and nutty vanilla with a pop of fruity raspberry. It’s sugary, but these flavors balance out nicely. I rate it eight and a half mango dragon fruit pieces out of 10. But for the sake of your taste buds, please order it with the recommended two scoops of dragonfruit. 


Let’s get those Starbucks refreshers shakin' while its still hot outside!


How to order: Order a venti passion iced tea, sub liquid cane sugar for classic, and add strawberry puree and blackberries

This passion tea is trying to be “Very Berry” and does it very badly. The combination of too many strong flavors and sweetener can’t hide the competition. But the curdling added a nice touch. Two curdled teas out of 10.  



How to order: Order a passion tea with no water or liquid cane sugar, sub almond milk, with raspberry, vanilla bean powder and creme base shaken in


If you think your passion tea needs an extra something, try a drink straight out of a TikTok-ers dream. Literally. Vanilla and creme base rounds out the fruity tea nicely. Although my version curdled, perhaps a barista of higher caliber could make your purple, fruity dreams come true. Ten Starbucks refresher standard shakes out of 10.


How to order: Order a strawberry refresher with 3 scoops of vanilla bean powder and heavy whipping cream

Who knew dessert in a cup could come without jamming every Starbucks ingredient into a blender? TikTok claims this drink tastes like fresas con crema and they’re not wrong. If you enjoy strawberry, vanilla and a side of curdled cream, this drink is for you. Eight and a half sweet sips out of 10


Because we’re all back to college now, kids


How to order: Order a nitro cold brew with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, a pump of mocha, and 2 pumps of marshmallow

When you want to remember the days before you needed coffee, get a nitro with cold foam that tastes exactly like chocolate pudding balanced with just a bit of the bite of bitter coffee we all need so much. Ten coffee-jitters out of 10.


How to order: Order an iced white mocha with sweet cream foam and caramel drizzle

After scrolling through the coffee side of TikTok, you’ll find that one recommendation is on repeat and there’s a reason why. Any white chocolate lover won’t be able to get enough when their typical white chocolate mocha is upgraded by this popular foamy twist. I give it nine TikToks specifically about this drink out of 10.