queer eye

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The first two seasons of “Queer Eye” brought tears to the eyes of many jaded internet users. Kicking off the series with a cute old man who reunited with a lover at a vintage car show? Heartwarming content at its finest. The story of the gay man who was closeted to his stepmother and came out during his party? Tears. Tears EVERYWHERE.

The reboot of the early 2000s television show, which starred Ted Allen of “Chopped,” brings a more diverse lineup of men and women in need of a makeover from Tan France and an uplifting talk from Karamo Brown. Skin routines and new diets are handed out by Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski, and homes in the heart of Georgian country are remodeled by Bobby Brown. It’s a simple, wholesome show with an easily-maintained concept. So what could possibly be new this time?

The third season of “Queer Eye” drops on Netflix March 15. What can we expect from the beloved show? More of the same wholesome and heartwarming content? Not quite. “Queer Eye” has been working on expanding to a wider array of characters, but it needs more trans and nonbinary folks getting their makeovers. Maybe even a drag king or queen who hasn’t found their niche yet!

The show already has a reputation for being emotional, but could maybe expand its scope into other emotional stories. Most episodes offer some sort of human experience people can connect with, but it would be nice to see some experiences most people would not relate to. Stories told in an empathetic way can help viewers learn about experiences other than their own.

We can also expect more French tucks and confusion over what, exactly, Karamo’s job is. And we might finally learn that Jonathan Van Ness is, in fact, Big Gay Jesus and is our new ice-skating lord and savior.