semester shots

Remember the you before midterms and long research papers? You were a bubbly little spit-fire ready for your first days of the semester. Where’d she go? When you can’t afford a therapist, this list is here to break down your semester in shots from the happy beginning to the “get me out of here” end.


Location: Iron Horse

A fruity shot with a pucker. This twisted pineapple is the sweet kickstart to your semester. Your spunk and readiness for a good beginning match this shot’s refreshing taste.


Location: Red’s Bar

Midterms don’t play, making the high school valedictorian in you wish for mercy. But this is college, so buck up, buttercup. With a hint of sugar from the root beer, the Jedi is a pat on the back for getting this far. This is shot you are looking for.


Location: James Bar

The Tsunami is a shot that works in two parts. You slam the sweet shot, and then, the minute you’re done, the bartender splashes you with a shot of water. A lovely little wake-up call to remind you about the papers you haven’t started.


Location: Anywhere

After finishing your thesis paper or even just creating a solid intro paragraph, you’re ready for a little party. This one is an energy drink and a shot of Jägermeister, a simple shot you can make in your kitchen or downtown. Just be sure to have this after your work is done.