The 10 is Kaimin Sports's weekly rundown of any of the stories and headlines you may have missed in the last week in sports and pop culture.

1.  Philadelphia wins first Lombardi Trophy

If you somehow didn’t catch the Super Bowl, you missed out. Philadelphia not only beat the New England Patriots, but they outgunned Tom Brady.

Nick Foles played lights out, and with crucial moments like converting a fourth and one or throwing the game winning touchdown to Zach Ertz, he deserved winning the Super Bowl MVP. 

And as Philadelphia won and the city began to rejoice, you saw multiple personalities take to social media to celebrate. It was truly a once in a lifetime moment for Eagles fans worldwide.

2. Cavaliers continue to fall apart, trade away most of their team

A whirlwind of problems continues to slam Cleveland. Everyone on the team seems to hate each other, they continue to play poor defense and the possibility of LeBron James leaving seems more likely than ever.

With the trading of Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, and Iman Shumpert, combined with acquiring young talent, they might have chance to make it to the NBA Finals. However the odds of James missing his first final in over seven years is still likely.

3. Malcolm Butler benched

While New England suffered its third loss in the Super Bowl during the Brady era, starting cornerback Malcolm Butler was nowhere to be seen. Butler didn’t play a single snap on defense for the Patriots.

He led the corners in playing time and hadn’t missed a snap since they played the Raiders in Mexico City on Nov. 19. Even owner Robert Kraft had no idea about the reasons behind the benching, but it left many Patriot fans wondering what could have been.

4. Josh McDaniels stays in New England, Matt Patricia heads to Detroit

A lot of questions came forward after the Patriots lost this past Sunday, including where there assistant coaches would be next season. Nine hours after the Indianapolis Colts announced Josh McDaniels would be the new head coach, McDaniels decided to turn it down.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft began talking to the offensive coordinator 48 hours before his departure to convince him to stay. Prior defensive coordinator Matt Patricia accepted the head coaching vacancy in Detroit early in the week.

It seems like the Patriots are setting up a succession plan to head coach Bill Belichick.

5. Kurt Cousins franchise tagged?

The Washington Redskins are considering franchise tagging Kurt Cousins to get something back for the star quarterback after they traded for Alex Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs in late January.

Coming off multiple 4,000-yard seasons, Cousins will be one of the best quarterbacks in recent memory to go into free agency if not franchise tagged.

6. Porzingis tears his ACL

As the Knicks fans finally saw a glimpse of hope, it was taken away from them Tuesday night. Kristaps Porzingis fell on Buck’s star Giannis Antetokounmpo’s ankle after slamming down a dunk and suffered a torn ACL.

With another devastating injury in an already gloomy NBA season with injuries to Wizards John Wall and Cavaliers Kevin Love, you won’t be seeing Porzingis until this time next year.

7. Georgia ranks No. 1 on National Signing Day

In the first ever two-period signing day in college football, Georgia came out on top with the No. 1 class ranking.  Tyson Campbell, the No. 9 overall recruit in the ESPN 300 signed with Georgia over rival Lousiana State on Wednesday.

Justin Fields, the No. 1 overall prospect, signed with the Bulldogs in December during the first signing period. Seven five-star recruits and 15 four-stars signed with Georgia, marking “one of the highest-rated classes in the past decade.”

8. Russell Wilson traded to the Yankees?

The Texas Rangers traded Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for future considerations to the New York Yankees. Wilson was selected by the Rangers in 2013 after being drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round of MLB’s first-year player draft.

Although Wilson won’t be transitioning to baseball, he will appear at the Yankees’ Grapefruit League Camp.

9. Kodak Black judge dismissed

Kodak Black’s assigned Judge Joel Lazarus was dismissed after making inappropriate comments during preparation for Black's first appearance in court. The hearing was broadcasted live to the internet where it captured him speaking to a prosecutor.

“I’ll double the bond to those that take place in my neighborhood.”

“Closer to my house, the higher the bond. That was always Lazarus’ rule.”

Lazarus made those statements during an unrelated burglary case a day after Kodak was arrested on Jan 18.

10.   “God’s Plan” goes viral

After dropping his Scary Hours EP with two songs in January, Drake's God’s Plan soared into the top 10 on R&B and hip hop charts. He ties the record for fastest climb into the top 10 in both categories with the track achieving the feat in only two weeks.

Drake started filming this week for the upcoming music video for God’s Plan in Florida, where he visited Miami Senior High. He performed on top of a crane and it was apparent that his song has caught massive backing.

Not only did Drake want to help design new school uniforms, he gave a $25,000 check to the high school. He also gave a surprise concert later at the University of Miami and gave out a $50,000 scholarship to a student.