Tom Brady

Editor’s note: The Kaimin is bringing back 10 things, a weekly sports and pop culture blog looking at the 10 best things that happened that week. Nick Puckett kicks us off with a 10 things, Winter Break edition.

1. Larry Nassar sentenced to up to 175 years in prison

The former doctor for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State athletics admitted to sexually abusing young girls under the guise of medical treatment. He was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison on top of a 60-year sentence for possession of child ponography.

More than 150 women and girls said Nassar abused them over the past two decades, including Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman.

"Larry, you do realize now that we — this group of women you so heartlessly abused over such a long period of time — are now a force, and you are nothing,” Raisman said.

2. Michigan State president, athletic director resign

In the wake of the Nassar sentencing, Michigan State president, Lou Anna Simon, resigned amid allegations of misconduct toward several university officials later Wednesday night.

MSU’s athletic director, Mark Hollis, also resigned Friday morning. Some have even called for NCAA President Mark Emmert to get involved with the case, comparing it to the sexual abuse scandal of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky in 2011.

3. The All-Star draft (maybe?) happened

Since the NBA refused to televise the NBA All-Star draft, it’s impossible to really tell if there was a legitimate two-captain playground draft or if it was just fixed for optimal viewership. Regardless, we have our teams set for the first-ever All-Star game undivided by conferences.

4. Drake dropped Scary Hours

The Toronto Raptor’s most famous rapping fan released his “Scary Hours” EP featuring two new songs, “God’s Plan,” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” The songs fall in line with similar Drake sounds, and “God’s Plan” is quickly becoming a classic with a distorted organ beat and dragging bass line. “I don’t want to die for them to miss me / Yes I see the things that they’re wishing on me.”

Trippie Redd was supposed to be featured on the song, but the 18-year-old apparently didn’t finish his verse in time.

Meanwhile, Drake’s Raptors trail the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference by one game and look to be Finals contenders once again.

5. Brady Brady’d the Jags

Tom Brady made another fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and advance to the Super Bowl for the eighth time in his career. Just as it seemed the Jags might actually win, when Dion Lewis gave the ball up at the start of the fourth quarter, Blake Bortles and the Jags offense stalled and gave the greatest fourth-quarter quarterback a chance to win, which he took full advantage of.

6. Grease and Beer

Nick Foles threw three touchdown passes to help his Philadelphia Eagles beat Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings in a battle of the backup quarterbacks.

In anticipation of rowdy Philadelphians taking to the streets, local police officers greased several light poles in downtown Philadelphia to discourage fans from climbing up them. Fans still found a way to scale the poles, as well as jump on cars and party in the streets like good fans from Philly should.

Before the game, Eagles fans were caught throwing full cans of beer at visiting Vikings fans. Yesterday it was reported that some Vikings fans are getting revenge by recruiting deviant Uber drivers and other beer chuckers to avenge their fellow norsemen.

7. The X Games are still better than the Olympics

The Aspen Winter X Games began Thursday with events like the superpipe and freestyle snowmobiling.

With high-flying acrobatics and scoring reliant on the good old eye test, the X Games are still one of the best sporting spectacles on this planet.

8. LeBron James patted himself on the back for 30K

James became the youngest player in NBA history to score 30,000 points Wednesday night in Cleveland. Days before he accomplished the feat, he posted a photo of himself in high school with a long, congratulatory caption while referring to himself as Young James.

9. The NBA is 99 percent drama, 1 percent basketball

Kevin Love is being left out by his teammates, John Wall’s apparently don’t like him and Chris Paul snuck into his old team’s home locker room with his new teammates. Meanwhile, massive league disparity makes most games unwatchable. The NBA is just great.

10. Baseball hates the DH

Edgar Martinez was snubbed once again from being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Wednesday, receiving just more than 70 percent of the vote from baseball writers around the country. A player must receive 75 percent of the vote to be inducted.

Vladimir Guerrero, Trevor Hoffman, Chipper Jones and Jim Thome will be inducted this summer without Martinez.