Quarantine: 1918

The University of Montana has urged all students to stay off campus. Health officials stress hygiene above all else because there’s no vaccine. White gauze masks hang across the mouths of students and people on their way to work.

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Madelyn Allovio removed her left hand from the yoke and yelled through a small window, “All clear!” She rested her elbow near the ash trays that came stock in all the Cessna 172s. 

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Balancing two cardboard boxes against his knee, Yueyang Hu carefully closed the door of his truck. The boxes proved to be a cumbersome load for the 23-year-old University of Montana grad student as he joined the end of the long line at the Post Office and set the boxes on the counter. 

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Footsteps echoed off the the Adams Center’s walls as Travis DeCuire hurried down a corridor. He was late for practice, a commonality when the scheduled times and courts are switched at the last minute. 

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Students leave behind the uncomfortable plastic seats and fluorescent lights of the lecture room in Stone Hall each Tuesday and Thursday as they’re transported across space and time. 

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The harsh landscapes of the tundra and old-growth forests blanket  much of North America. Caribou herds once abundantly thrived from the western coast of Alaska to the eastern fronts of Canada, but that is no longer the case.

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Editor’s Note: People are strange when you’re a stranger, especially when they ask you out on a date. That’s exactly what three members of the Kaimin staff did over the past week without the help of phones, friends or apps. What follows are three stories of rejection, connection and reflecti…

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Ella Feige pulled the cold Jell-O from her refrigerator and placed it in front of her camera. Feige set her camera to record and got ready for the plunge into the cold unknown. She didn’t plunge herself into Jell-O. Just her naked foot. For money.

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EVELYN WALL WALKS OVER TO A TABLE at Butterfly Herbs, sits, removes her Patagonia bag and orders a drip coffee. This is only after being greeted by each barista, with whom she’s on a first-name basis. She started frequenting the coffee shop, which she says is the closest thing Missoula has t…

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You hear it before you step into the darkly-lit shop that sells bike parts and as you buy a ticket from a smiling girl blocking off a hallway. You try to communicate over the pounding music, but it’s almost impossible, so you just smile and point toward the back.

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For nearly two years, Jane Doe’s days routinely included gathering documents and filing reports with police, lawyers, prosecutors and University of Montana officials about an alleged rape at a house rented by fraternity members. 

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When I told my psychiatrist I vape, she suggested I go back to cigarettes. She said it was probably worse than smoking and definitely not what companies wanting my money were making it out to be.

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A small film crew and a comedian vowing to bring stand-up comedy to ghosts pulled up to the front gate of the Old Montana State Prison. The site is considered one of the state’s most haunted, and once housed hundreds of convicts behind its 24-foot walls. 

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As Halloween approaches and the nights get spookier, the spirit world draws closer to our own. It’s especially obvious on campus, where tales of spirit dogs and ghost classes are told year-round.

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It was a hot day in late spring 2017, and after driving for an hour in Los Angeles traffic, AC blasting, Chris Citowicki took a wrong turn onto a toll road. He had no money for the toll, and his thoughts were racing, trying to figure out what he was going to do.

It was a hot day in late spring 2017, and after driving for an hour in Los Angeles traffic, …

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