Climbers gathered at the University of Montana Recreation Center on March 10 for the annual Rock The Rec climbing competition. Roughly 50 people from around the Missoula area, mostly students, entered.

The routes in the gym are color coded with numbers such as "150" or "350" written on tape below the starting holds. The numbers symbolize points. Climbers entered into one of three categories, beginning, intermediate, or advanced. The climbers with the top three highest scores were awarded prizes such as chalk bags, rope, or a hat.  

The crowded gym was filled with positive energy, people laughing, high-fiveing, and cheering with the climbers.

At the end of the competition, Elizabeth Fricke, the senior assistant director of the Outdoor Program, thanked everyone who competed. She concluded that Rock the Rec isn’t about anything but the joy of climbing and meeting new people.