Directed by compasses and maps, participants trudged through the snow on Oct. 25, 2020, during a beginner orienteering event at Blue Mountain, to learn about the sport and try a route set by the organizers.

The 25 participants were greeted by the organizers from Grizzly Orienteering who explained how to use the map and compass to navigate the course.

Soon after, the timer started, and the orienteers made their way through the snowy landscape finding bright orange "control points" along the way.

Orienteering is a sport in which participants must navigate through landscape using a compass and a map to find a series of “control points.” In competitive orienteering the fastest contestant to find all the markers is the winner; however, many participants enjoy doing it casually.

Boris Granovskiy, one of the event’s organizers along with Allison Brown, has been orienteering since he was young. Orienteering is an amazing challenge where participants must make quick decisions while leaping over terrain, Granovskiy said.

As they returned one by one, they were greeted with prepackaged treats and told their time. The event was free to attend and participants were supplied with a compass and map if they did not have one.

The Grizzly Orienteering team hope to build an orienteering community in Missoula and have regular events and meetups. This event was the second the team organized, and they are excited for the prospect of more to come.

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