Saturday was for the girls this weekend at Snowbowl with Girls on Shred’s annual Snowbowl event.

This year the group got together for intermediate and advanced riding groups as part of Board of Missoula’s larger “Snowmazing” event. 

The is organization is based out of Board of Missoula, a local skate and board shop on the Hip Strip. The group was started in 2010 to build a welcoming community for girls of all level who wanted to take part in the board sports. 

“Girls on shred: girls empowering girls,” volunteer Abigail Frizzell said of the group. 

The two day event offered free snowboard demos the entire weekend and a banked slalom competition on Sunday. Most of the women tried out new boards and got the chance to try out the banked slalom course, some for the first time on Saturday.

“It’s great practice and you can just try it out for fun,” said Samantha Gibbons, head of Girls on Shred.  

The group makes an effort to include women of all ages and skill levels. Zoe Benton, a ten-year-old, who has been shredding since she was two, was one of the event goers along with Shelly Murphy, who started snowboarding this December. 

A lot of the girls also participate in the skateboarding events that Girls on Shred puts on. 

The group was one of two featured non-profits that tabled at the Women’s Fair on campus the same day.