Griz Rugby, formerly the Jesters, took the field wearing University of Montana maroon and silver for the first time yesterday in a scrimmage against fellow Missoula team, the Maggots. 

The Maggots, the men's adult team, and Griz Rugby, the UM club team, practice together regularly. The scrimmage was a friendly match to test the teams' strength before the fall season starts. 

Griz Rugby scored two tries but missed its accompanying goal kicks for a total of 10 points. The Maggots scored upward of 10 tries, blowing the younger Griz  away. 

A try is made when the player brings the ball into the in-goal areas behind the goal post and touches it to the ground. Unlike football, the ball must be placed on the ground purposefully for a try to be scored, rather than just carried. Once a try has been scored, the scoring team can take a kick in a position perpendicular from where the try was scored. Successfully getting the kick between the goal posts earn the team two more points. 

Despite the heavy scrimmage loss, Griz captain Sam Hathcock was hopeful for Griz Rugby's season, describing the last two years as a reboot. The team has quite a few rookies this year who are still learning the game. 

"This was our first time playing together as a team ... We have fresh ideas and are doing some things differently than past years," said Hathcock. "There's stuff to improve upon and iron out, but we are just getting started."

He is hopeful that the increase in new players means a reboot for Griz Rugby, who are working to become a more official and stronger club team. Hence, the new colors.