The University of Montana defeated the Eastern Washington University Eagles for the first time since 2015 on Saturday, marking the team's 600th program win and sixth season victory. 

The Griz started strong, scoring an initial 3 points from a kick early in the first quarter. However, the Eagles followed with a quick touchdown, putting the Griz at a deficit. This deficit continued through the first two quarters, and the Griz went into the locker room at half down 10-14. 

The Eagles got the first touchdown of the second half, bringing their score to 17. It stayed there, however, as the Griz followed with a touchdown from man-of-the-match Marcus Knight. Knight scored early in the third quarter to equalize for the Griz.

A Brandon Purdy kick earned the Griz 3 more points to pull ahead, and three fourth-quarter touchdowns put Montana solidly ahead of Eastern Washington, where it stayed for the win.