The University of Montana's hurling team took on the Missoula club team, The Thomas Meagher Hurling Club, for a celebratory St. Patrick's Day match in the late-afternoon sunshine in Washington-Grizzly Stadium on March 16, 2019.

The UM Grizzlies, with assistance from members of the Butte club team, played well but were ultimately defeated by the Thomas Meagher hurlers. Thomas Meagher hurler Donncha Ó Murchú dominated the first half, scoring most of the points. 

The game is played on a field similar to a rugby or football field. A point is scored when the sliotar (ball) goes over the bar. Getting it in the goal earns 3 points. 

During the game, two players broke their wooden bats, known as hurleys. A hurley is used to hit the ball downfield. Players may only hold the ball in their hands for four steps before either dropping it or passing it with their hurley. They may also slap or kick it for short-range passing.

Hurling is an ancient Gaelic sport, originating 4,000 years ago. It's physicalplayers may shoulder check each other during battles for the ball. They wear no protective padding, save a helmet. 

The Grizzlies scored the first point, sending the sliotar over the bar. However, the Thomas Meagher hurlers quickly scored several in succession. They also put up the first goal, earning 3 points. 

The second half was more fair, once star Donncha Ó Murchú came off for the Thomas Meagher team. The Grizzlies began to catch up, but didn't quite close the gap, losing 28-21. 

The celebrations continued onto St. Patrick's day (Sunday) as the two teams traveled back to Butte to play a match there.