Governing guns

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During any given election cycle, campaign ads with gun-toting politicians donning hunting vests and poised to shoot a target out of frame bombard every television viewer in Montana. Unlike in most states, Montanans can’t assume these politicians have an “R” by their name when they get to the… Read more

Firearms policy

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As House Bill 102, a law proposing sweeping firearms law changes in Montana, is being argued over in district court, its sponsor watches from the sidelines. Montana State Representative Seth Berglee, a Republican from Joliet, introduced the bill in the 2021 session, but has worked to expand … Read more


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For UM administration and the Montana University System, the issue of guns on campus has become more than a theoretical debate. House Bill 102, one of the most unrestrictive gun laws in the country, passed in the Montana legislature this spring. Read more

Scoping out HB 102

To sue or not to sue

What’s in the bag?

Lockdown generation

A way of life

A look ahead

Special thanks

Special thanks

A special thanks to Barbara Allen and the Poynter Institute for assistance with this project. The Kaimin will continue covering House Bill 102, its journey through Montana’s court system and guns on MUS campuses. For comments, corrections or letters to the editor email editor@montanakaimin.com or call (406) 243-4310.

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