The Kaimin Files dig up stories that shaped the University of Montana during this week 10, 20 and even 100 years ago. UM operated on a quarter system prior to fall 1992, with the school year starting in late September. Until then, the Kaimin Files will take a look at the news that occurred this week over the past two decades.


High Times ranked UM No. 5 in a national poll of universities with the most progressive drug reform and political activism.

Tickets for UM events became available to purchase online, with the exception of football games.

Break Espresso started offering fresh-baked donuts.

Students attended the first WelcomeFEAST on the Oval, which offered snacks, drinks and, of course, hotdogs.

A former UM psychology professor, John Caruso, pleaded not guilty to 143 counts of felony sexual abuse of children and possession of a dangerous drug and drug paraphernalia.

The M Trail reopened despite fears of fire from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

A Northwest Andrology & Cryobank advertisment offered $360 a month to sperm donors.


Dave Lewis, the governor’s budget director, proposed to increase professors’ workloads up to 20 percent, or the equivalent of an extra class. This caused outrage among UM professors and students.

Several ASUM senators asked ASUM President J.P. Betts to resign after he pleaded not guilty to stealing $312 from Worden’s Market, his former employer.

The film “Bodies, Rest & Motion” hit the theaters and received a negative review by Kaimin reporter Shaun Tatarka.

Four Libertarians from UM went to Salt Lake City for a Libertarian convention of over 1,000 participants. They went to learn about running a political party and voted on major party issues including gun control, abortion and health care.

The Griz football team defeated the South Dakota State Jackrabbits 52-48 in the season opener.

Police warned the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house to keep the noise down after receiving complaints.

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